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Exchanges & Warranties

Family Vision Centre wants you to have the best vision possible. If you aren't completely satisfied with your new glasses or contact lenses, please let us know!

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Exchanges & Refunds

Family Vision Centre provides a 24-hour window to cancel any order for eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, or contact lenses. Within 1-90 days of the original order date, Family Vision Centre will provide exchanges only, as prescription lenses are custom made to each patient’s needs.

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Frame Warranty

Family Vision Centre glasses frames come with a limited 2 year manufacturer warranty, unless otherwise noted at the time of sale. This frame warranty is subject to frame manufacturer discretion. It is intended to cover defects in materials, workmanship, and normal wear and tear. It does not cover bite marks, breaks at the bridge or around the lens, burn marks, lost parts, or other improper treatment of the glasses. Use of heat or glue to attempt to repair the frame will void the warranty coverage.

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Change of Prescription

Within 90 days of the original eye exam, if a patient is not satisfied with the vision in their glasses, they are entitled to see their Optometrist at no additional cost. If the Optometrist determines that the patient’s prescription has changed, Family Vision Centre will cover the cost of replacement lenses.

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Lens Scratch Warranty

If you have purchased an upgraded anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating, or blue-light anti-reflective coating, your lenses include a 2 year warranty. The lens warranty is for scratches, material defects, and normal wear. It does not cover bite marks, broken lenses, deep gouges, or other improper treatment of the lenses.

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Lens Satisfaction

A patient may change their lens style, material, or coatings 1 time within 90 days of original order date. If a patient chooses to upgrade their lenses, they will only pay the difference. If a patient chooses to change to less expensive lenses, no refund will be provided, as Family Vision Centre will cover the cost of replacement lenses.

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Insurance Submission Policy

In order to submit your claim electronically or by mail-in, Family Vision Centre must be made aware of ALL private insurance policies under which you have coverage at the time of order.

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