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Ophthalmologist examining eyes of a senior patient

Professionals for Quality Eye Care in Greater Sudbury

Family Vision Centre offers a wide range of eye care services in Greater Sudbury. Our services include comprehensive eye exams, dry eye management, prescription glasses, contact lenses and much more. Early detection is key in the treatment of many eye diseases and eye conditions. To learn more about the many conditions that can affect your eyes click on the headings below.

Medications that Can Cause Ocular Complications

It is not safe to take medication without consulting a doctor. Do not stop taking any medication based on the information below. Certain medications can cause ocular complications, ranging from mild to serious and permanent. It is for this reason that your optometrist needs to know each of the medications that you are currently taking. Please bring an up to date list of your medications to your eye exam (or submit one online via the confirmation email). 

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