Dr. Julia Levesque



Dr. Julia Levesque graduated from the University of Waterloo Optometry and Vision Science in 2013. In addition to graduating first in her class, she was a recipient of multiple awards. During her years studying Optometry, Julia took the opportunity to expand her knowledge and experience with a 4 month externship at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in Muskogee, Oklahoma and participating in a VOSH mission trip to Lima, Peru.

Julia is passionate about optometry and enjoys helping others. She lives an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband in her spare time. Julia has returned to Sudbury to practice optometry in her hometown close to her family and friends. She provides full scope optometric care to patients of all ages. She believes in the importance of interdisciplinary care and works with medical doctors and specialists to meet her patients needs. She is involved with the Northern Ontario School of Medical Community Learning as well as externships for University of Waterloo students. Dr. Levesque is certified in therapeutic pharmaceutical agents and is happy to be apart of the team of Optometrists at the Family Vision Centre.